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  • Minoura Action Bridge

    $108.00 $49.90

    Especially helpful for beginners on rollers.

  • Minoura ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor with belt


    Confortable HR Sensor with strap. Universal on every ANT+ devices

  • Minoura ANT+ Speed/Cadence Sensor (Combo type)

    $105.00 $52.50

    ANT+ Minoura Speed/Cadence sensor (Combo type) is a fantastic complement to your favorite trainer or roller. Pickup and transmit the…

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  • Minoura Bike Tower 15 Floor to Ceiling Storage Stand


    Spring loaded, telescoping multi-level double bike storage & display stand holding 2-4 Bikes

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  • Minoura DS-2200 2-way Bicycle Storage Stand


    Features: - Stores bike in 2 different orientations vertically and horizontally without any modifications - Vertical orientation is great for…

  • Minoura DS-40CS Chainstay Bike Storage Stand


    A great chain stay bike storage stand

  • Minoura DS-534-600L Bike Display Stand


    Minoura DS-534-600L is a foldable compact bike stand. Keeps the rear wheel off the ground. Hook height and angle is…

  • Minoura Dualist Training Tires


    A great training tyre from Panaracer which can be used for indoor training and on-road riding. Provides quiet indoor training…

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  • Minoura Extra Pad Set for Trainers


    Extra Pad Set to reduce Vibration on the floor. Best to place on a training mat.

  • Minoura FCG-310 Foldable Wheel Dishing Tool


    Tool for checking if the wheel is exactly symmetry

  • Minoura Front Guard for Rollers


    Optional Safety Devices for Rollers

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