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  • Minoura Vergo-TA2 In-Car Mount with Wheel Holder


    Minoura Vergo-TA2 bike mount is suitable for 2 bikes with thru axle, wheel mount included.

  • Minoura Vergo-TF Wheel Support


    Supports the removed front wheel

  • Minoura ASB-10 Bike Assist Bar


    Bike support tool for VERGO, promotes stability during transportation.

  • Minoura BC-V1 Attachment for Bike Tower/ Bike Pit


    For BikeTower / BikePit as telescopic type of storage pillar Store Vertical position of the bike on the floor

  • Minoura BH-100 QR Bottle Cage Holder


    A Quick Release Bottle Cage holder that allows you to fit a extra bottle cage to your handlebar or seatpost

  • Minoura BH-95X Bottle Cage Holder


    Lightweight Extra Bottle Cage Holder

  • Minoura Bike Pit 4 Bike Storage Stand


    The Bike Pit 4 is a free-standing storage pole that is adjustable to many ceiling heights. It can easily 2…

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  • Minoura BikeCradle 20.1 For Bike Tower 20


    An Optional Bike Cradle to add on to your Bike Tower 20 Storage Stand

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  • Minoura BikeCradle 20.2 for P500AL-6S


    Additional Bike Holding Cradle for Minoura Storage Stand P500AL-6S

  • Minoura AB100-4.5 Bottle Cages

    From: $12.00

    Minoura Light Weight and Durable Bottle Cages. Comes in different colors to match with your Bike!

  • Minoura CS-500 Headset Spacer Mount Accessory Holder


    Use the Ultra light weight Minoura CS-500 Headset spacer mount Accessory holder to mount an extra light by replacing an…

  • Minoura DSX-1 Storage Stand


    A small bike stand keeping your bike upright. Suitable for both front and back wheels

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