Minoura Action Bridge


Especially helpful for beginners on rollers.

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  • Stabilizes bike using front fork dropouts (requires front wheel removal )
  • Adjusts at the bottom bracket to fit a wide variety of bicycles
  • Quick release skewer has built in tolerance to avoid damage to front fork and frame.
  • Compatible Rollers
    Bottom Bracket Combination
    • MoZ-Roller
      (415mm Width Roller)
      Left: Inside/Outward
      Right: Outside/Outward
    • Action MagRoller / ActionRoller Advance
      (360mm Width Roller)
      Left: Outside/Outward
      Right: Outside/Outward
    • Action MagRoller Wide / ActionRoller Advance Wide
      (450mm Width Roller)
      Left: Inside/Inward
      Right: Inside/Inward

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