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  • Minoura FG542 Hybrid Roller Trainer

    $639.00 $599.00

    A perfect trainer cum roller that mimics the a real road ride. Stable and a great use to train up…

  • Minoura FT-1 Wheel Truing Stand


    The Minoura FT-1 bike wheel truing stand offers a stable, precise platform for truing and building bicycle wheels. Comes with…

  • Minoura Gravity Stand Bike Storage Stand


    Minoura's Gravity Stand leans against a wall, using the weight of the 1 or 2 bikes that it can support…

  • Minoura Bike Hanger 4M (For MTB Bike) / 4R (For Road Bike


    A Wall Mount Bike Storage Hook for MTB Bikes. Folds when not in use. A Great Solution for saving space.

  • Minoura Hanger Kit 4 (Only for P500AL-4/5S)


    Convert your bike storage from Horizontal to Vertical Position using your existing Minoura Bike Tower Storage Stands. Only used for…

  • Minoura iH-520 Phone Holder (Fixed Clamp)


    A Smart phone handlebar mounted holder for bicycle with fixed clamp for more safety and security.¬†iPhone7+ compatible. Available in 2…

  • Minoura Kagura SmartTurbo Bike Trainer, LST9200


    The Minoura Kagura Smart Trainer is the most realistic and powerful classic designed trainer. With its motorised brake and virtual…

    Out of stock
  • Minoura Level-170H Storage Stand


    The Level-170H is a easy to use steel bike storage stand. Hook the saddle nose onto the bar and the…

  • Minoura LiveRoll R500 Roller


    The Minoura Live Roll R500 is a fantastic training aid which improves your form, sharpens your bike handling skills and…

  • Minoura LiveRoll R800 Roller


    Minoura R800 Live Roll: The superior roller for professional or expert riders. Rollers with low noise impact and maximum cycling…

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  • Minoura LMA-H Bar End Accessory Holder


    Minoura LMA-H is a lightweight Bicycle Handlebar Cap and Accessory Mount Adapter for perfect accessory placement such as mirror, bell…

  • Minoura MagRiser


    MagRiser block turns into a convenient handle for your Minoura trainer and¬†Lift up front wheel to level the bike to…