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  • MET Trenta Mips Road Cycling Helmet


    For thirty years MET has been making helmets for the very best in the sport of cycling. We’ve learned, refined…

  • MET USB LED Light Safe-T Advanced


    Increase your visibility in the dark with the MET USB LED Light. It fits tool-free onto MET helmets with Safe-T…

  • MET Veleno MIPS MTB Helmet


    The all new Veleno Mips is made for any bike and none in particular. The most versatile helmet of the…

  • MET Vinci / Allroad Replacement Inner Pad Set


    Replacement pad kit for MET Vinci and Allroad bicycle helmets.

  • MET Vinci MIPS Road Cycling Helmet


    Inspired by our award-winning professional cycling helmet the Trenta, the MET Vinci Mips exceeds the standards of comfort and safety,…

  • MET DualGEL Front Gel Padding


    Durable, comfortable and built to last, DualGel padding is mountable on any MET helmet.Great for everyday use and long rides,…

  • MET Elfo & Genio Kids Cycling Helmet

    $60.00 $29.90

    Kids’ helmets have different safety considerations to those of adults. That’s why we took special care to create a child’s…

  • MET Idolo Road Cycling Helmet


    The Idolo’s craftsmanship is captivatingly simple and uniquely MET. A road helmet of high quality and low cost, MET Idolo…

  • MET Lupo MTB Helmet

    $169.00 $99.00

    A NEW PREDATOR ON THE TRAIL The MET Lupo is designed to offer great performance for all-mountain explorers and more…

  • Met Manta Aero-Road Cycling Helmet (Clearance Sales!)

    $215.00 $169.00

    We developed the MET Manta specifically with aerodynamic performance in mind. It’s quite simply one of the most competitive sprinters’…

  • MET MTB Parachute Full Face Helmet

    $279.00 $250.00

    THE LIGHTEST ASTM CERTIFIED FULL FACE HELMET IN THE WORLD Parachute is the trailblazer for a new category of helmets…

  • MET Parachute MCR Convertible Full Face Helmet


    Parachute MCR is designed to be a two helmets in one. The full-face has a stylish and aggressive look providing…