Minoura FG542 Hybrid Roller Trainer


A perfect trainer cum roller that mimics the a real road ride. Stable and a great use to train up your leg muscles, regardless rain or shine.

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The FG542 is built on the tried and true teachings that an effective spin is the key to becoming a better cyclist. Power based, rear drive mount trainers focus only on building muscle. With exponential power based trainers power is achieved on the down stroke and lost on the up stroke. This gives you half the benefit of a real road ride and doesn’t encourage a real, full pedal stroke spin that is both power and skill enhancing. A true push-pull effect is the real benefit of the FG-540 and most closely mimics what you would do on a real road ride. Get the training and workout you need with the FG542 at home or on the road.

Minoura’s unique Hybrid Trainer, the FG-540, take the smoothness and basics of rollers without the dangers that can come with them, their FG540 roller holds the bike stable with a fork mount, giving you the ability to “spin” as if you were on a roller. To set it up, you simply lay it on the ground, place the forks in the front mount, place the rear wheel on the roller, and adjust it to the bike’s wheelbase. Incorporated resistance unit in the rollers is easily adjustable with bar mounted knob.  Made in Japan with good quality but affordable prices.

  • High grade aluminum body and rollers.
  • Fits bikes from mini-velo through 29″.
  • No need to change out skewers.
  • Fit to bike once and done.
  • Easily mount by front fork with Road/ MTB/ CX/ Mini Velo.
  • 9mm and 15mm through axle compatible.
  • Height adjustable (0%/3%/6%/8%/10% slope image)front fork mount.
  • Double high precision 79mm diameter rollers spin quietly and reduce tire wear.
  • Front fork mount features a urethane insert to emulate real road feel.
  • Newly designed 7 level mag resistance for progressive power.
  • Made for home or race use.

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