CatEye ORB Bar End Rear Lights


Raise the bar on safety and stay visible day or night on the road with the ORB Bar End battery safety lights

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The ORB Bar End safety lights pair a sleek, compact design housed in an alloy chassis. Conveniently, the lens itself serves as the light’s operating switch and is protected from inadvertent triggers due to the housing’s design while still allowing for side visibility.

The ORB Bar End safety lights fit neatly into road bike handlebars that have a inner diameter of 18.5mm-22mm and improve your chances of being seen, both from the rear and side.

4 CR2032 batteries Included

Dimension: 26 x 26 x 51.8 mm
Weight: 26 grams (light unit and battery)
Light source: Red LED x1
Battery: Lithium battery CR2032 x2
Constant : approx 50 hrs
Rapid Flashing approx 100 hrs
Slow Flashing approx 100 hrs
Mount size: Inside diameter of the handlebar ø18.5~22mm

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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 3 cm