KMC X11TT 11 Speed Chain, Neo Chrome (Oil Slick)


All new top level limited edition KMC X11TT!

11-speed Speed Chain that is design for road racing and time trial. Suitable for Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM drivetrain systems.

With the new coating and double X bridge shape for super-fast and smooth shifting. The X11TT chain is compatible with all 11 speed road and MTB systems and is also non-directional in design. With the new X11TT, save more energy even with faster acceleration and enhanced pedaling efficiency.

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  • Specially design for road racing & time trial
  • Faster acceleration and enhanced efficiency with smooth speed transmission
  • Triple X durability similar to DLC Double X bridge and Optimal Chamfering Design ensuring the best shifting performance, 100% compatibility and non directional installation
  • Hydraulic Riveting creates the highest pin power to prevail against heavy loads and stressed shifting conditions
  • Made from a special alloy steel composition, TT reduces chain elongation, thus prolonging drivetrain life
  • 5.65mm pin length ½” x 11/128” size
  • Compatible with 11 speed drivetrain
  • Packaging include KMC missing link


【Faster acceleration|Enhanced 4% Drivetrain Efficiency】

Fabricated by tailored forging and heat treatment procedures has created an embossed double X-Bridge and optimal chamfering to provide smoother chain and tooth interaction and enhance shifting performance. The hollow plates reduce weight while the overall chain construction reduces rider effort and therefore improves riding distance 5% farther and drivetrain efficiency by 4% – go farther, faster!


【Maintain Maximum Speed】

The unique design of each component perfectly complements speed and efficiency through swift shifting and smooth running via chain and gear tooth interference. Energy consumption is reduced via significantly increased cohesion by 9% to effectively reach and maintain top speed with less effort of all chain components working together.



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