Front Lights

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  • SP Connect 200 Lumens Round White LED Light


    This weather proof 200 lumens light comes with the integrated patented SP ConnectTM mounting mechanism it can quickly and securely be…

  • Cateye Duplex Helmet Light


    Making yourself visible in city traffic can help motorists see you better, and a good helmet mounted light that is…

  • Cateye EL-135 Bicycle Front Light


    The HL-EL135 with three LEDs and OptiCube™ lens technology for a wider, 150 candlepower beam is the perfect everyday commuter…

  • Cateye Loop 2 Front Light (USB Rechargable)


    The Loop 2-RC is born from the same sleek, compact design and eye-catching visibility as the Loop 2, but is…

  • Cateye Nano Shot Bicycle Front Light

    $150.00 $50.00

    A commuting light going at a discount....

  • Cateye Rapid X2 Bicycle Front Light


    Takes everything you love about the Rapid X and doubles it.

  • Cateye Rapid X3 Bicycle Front Light


    The ultimate safety light designed to ensure you're seen both day and night.

    Out of stock
  • Cateye Sync Core Bicycle Front Light


    With 500 lumens and excellent side visibility, the SYNC Core gives you the power to see and be seen. Can…

  • Cateye Volt 100XC Bicycle Front Light


    The Volt100XC is a feather light option for commuters, or other riders looking for an affordable way to illuminate a…

  • Cateye Volt 1700 Bicycle Front Light


    The two ultra-bright LEDs cast 1700 lumens in an optimized beam to light the trail, road or street. Carry an…

  • Cateye Volt 200XC Bicycle Front Light


    With a 200 lumen output, the lightweight Volt200XC is a solid option for riders looking for the perfect combination of…

  • Cateye Volt 400 Bicycle Front Light


    The Volt400 lets you see and be seen during your dawn and dusk commutes, and makes training after hours an…

    Out of stock